Welcome to the New York City Wiki! Here are some things to know.

The current registered user in charge here is LandynGunderfan - Gopherpaw is also available for questions

No Spam or Vandalism - You will be banned

Only correct information is to be published, for instance, do not create an article on Stark Tower from the Avengers because Stark Tower is not a real skyscraper and is located at the same location as the MetLife Building.

Don't edit someone else's user page, it's rude.

No FANON pages. If you have any good ideas that are not about real-life things in New York please post them in your user page and not in an actual article.

Word-for-word information is prohibited, will result in blockage especially if from Wikipedia.

No personal opinions in articles.

Badge Farming is okay as long as you make good edits for the badges.

  • Badge Farming is making edits only to earn badges.

The Following are things that will result in permanent blockage.

  1. Spam (editing user pages without permission and replacing content with mean things)
  2. Inserting incorrect information.
  3. Vandalism (attacking the wiki and purposely adding incorrect info or cuss words in articles)
  4. Harassing Users
  5. Using cus words.

All Wiki affiliations will be accepted.

You Must Be 13+ years old to join.

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